Location: Mai Chi Tho Street and Xa Lo Ha Noi Road
Scale: 2.45ha
Type: including luxury apartments and Shophouse
Price: Contact 0937.84.93.84
Handover standards: basic interior
Handover time: 7/2022
Legal & ownership: House ownership certificate
Website: http://hungkhangland.com/





The Palace Residence – Novaland located at Vo Van Kiet Boulevard – Mai Chi Tho toward Thu Thiem Tunnel is about 8 km in length, divided into 10 lanes with 70 m wide. Mai Chi Tho route is considered as one of the arterial roads that divide Thu Thiem high-class urban area and leads into the east gateway of Saigon. Not only shortening the length from East to West, this avenue also has connecting roads leading to Cat Lai and Phu My bridges … making it easier to get through here. Based on the advantages of the transportation system, the area around the Mai Chi Tho route focuses on a series of project items from large real estate developers. In the participation of Novaland.

In addition to expanding markets to different provinces with different potentials such as Can Tho, Da Nang, Vung Tau, … with large-scale resorts and tourism projects. With this market supply, Novaland Real Estate Investor has launched a new type of high-class apartment with office, commercial and apartment complexes – The Palace Residence Mai Chi Tho District 2.
The Palace Residence project is considered as a “magnet” that attracts the desire to own from many domestic and foreign real estate investors because of the unique property of both “privileged” front façades. Mai Chi Tho and Song Hanh Hanoi Highway. In addition to the above advantages, this project with the scale of 2.45 HA is also located in the City Horse area – a high-class urban area complex with high-class luxury apartments with profit ratio sold and leased the highest in the city area. HCM. Thanks to its location on the arterial road of Mai Chi Tho to help shorten travel time, The Palace Residence residents can easily reach other neighboring districts in the City such as: District 1, District 9, Thu Duc, Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan, …
District 2 is currently planning to become a high-end commercial, financial and service center of Ho Chi Minh City and is the most urbanized area with many newly invested urban areas and synchronous development. At the same time, this is also the district with the leading synchronous and modern development infrastructure in the East Zone market, leading in quantity and quality of model urban areas.
The location that The Palace Residence is located is not only the gateway area to enter the most modern Thu Thiem urban area in Saigon but it is also the last remaining land area approved for high-rise building at Song Hanh Xa Lo road. Hanoi. With the situation that clean land funds are gradually becoming scarce, the above factors will be an important key to help The Palace Residence apartments to continuously increase profits and extremely high profit values in future.

The Palace Novaland, the US international utility hospital

* From The Palace Residence, residents can easily move to the surrounding areas

=> The Palace Residence to Nam Rach Chiec area: only takes 10 minutes via Long Thanh Dau Cord highway
=> Palace Residence Novaland is 10 minutes from Thao Dien high-end residential area via Xa Lo Hanoi street
=> The Palace Residence apartment connecting District 1 center only need 15 minutes to move through Thu Thiem tunnel
=> Palace Residence project comes to Thanh My Loi and Thu Thiem by 10 minutes via Mai Chi Tho Street
=> Palace Residence District 2 to Phu My Hung Villas in District 7 takes 15 minutes via Phu My Bridge.
=> The Palace Residence connects the high-tech district of District 9 with 20 minutes through Long Thanh Oil and Highway 2.
=> Palace Residence Novaland to the suburban provinces of Dong Nai takes 60 minutes, Vung Tau takes only 120 minutes through the Long Thanh Dau Cord highway.
=> The Palace Residence condo to Dien Bien Phu and Nguyen Huu Canh Binh Thanh District for 15 minutes in the direction of Saigon Bridge and Thu Thiem Bridge 1.

The position that The Palace Residence apartment project is located in Mai Chi Tho is really a “potential land” when converging most of the important elements from infrastructure to transportation systems are distributed. synchronous development, making real estate value in this place increasing progressively. The Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway will help to gradually complete the transportation and technical infrastructure system in the eastern area of ​​the city in particular and Ho Chi Minh City in general. This expressway will relieve the pressure on traffic for the national highway 1A, creating a transport system associated with Districts 1, 2 and 9.

The important point about transport infrastructure around The Palace Residence is located next to the stop of Metro Line 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien. This railway line is designed with 14 stations, stretching from Ben Thanh District 1 station. an important transit in the center of Saigon to Suoi Tien gateway of the city and adjacent to provinces like Dong Nai and Binh Duong, …


This is the most modern urban railway project implemented for the first time in Vietnam, helping to solve traffic congestion and environmental pollution, contributing to the development of civilization and modernization. Urban, thanks to the advantages of the Metro system, is fast and automatic transportation when combined with modern bus systems and other types of resonant traffic. This infrastructure project will be put into operation in 2020. Parallel, The Palace Residence at the same time will be completed and put into use. It is precisely the meticulous and precise calculation of the construction time of The Place Residence that will help residents living here have the opportunity to access and use the Metro railway, as well as to attend projects are more valuable and attract customers than projects in the same segment in the region.


The Palace Residence Novaland is anticipated by real estate experts to continue adding new waves of investment when fully leveraging the essentials for a modern and dynamic modern life from the new central area. Around: Thu Thiem Urban Area, An Phu-An Khanh Urban Area, Cat Lai Urban Area, Thanh My Loi Residential Area, Thao Dien Urban Area, City Horse Urban Area … Compared with real estate Other districts in Saigon area such as Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan, Tan Binh … the real estate in District 2 is quite new. Because of this, it has also contributed to creating a modern face for District 2 compared to the remaining areas in Ho Chi Minh City.


1) Utilities outside of The Palace Residence Novaland.

Imagine, it would be really convenient if you only need to step out of your house and have a card to enjoy a wide range of services, high-class facilities and serve the needs of the whole family. .
By owning a position located right in the eastern area of ​​the City, where conditions for convenient infrastructure, living space is not quiet, not crowded but still modern. minh. Not only that, it is also the place where numerous facilities, from modern to high-class and expensive, surely The Palace Residence in District 2 will “please” many investors as well as customers who want to find a place to settle the life.

* International utilities chain only “One step”.

– International standard school:
+ International standard school system in Thao Dien is about 10 minutes away from The Palace Residence Mai Chi Tho Novaland project: TAS American International School, British BVIS international school.
+ AIS International School of Australia, less than 10 minutes from Novaland’s new apartment at 264 Mai Chi Tho, An Phu Ward, District 2.
+ TAS International School of Nam Rach Chiec Town District 2 is only 15 minutes away from The Palace Residence, moving through An Phu intersection.

TAS Nam Rach Chiec International School nearby The Palace Residence

– International standard care and health care center:
+ Thao Dien International Hospital, Post Office General Hospital is only 10 minutes away from The Palace Residence.
+ American International Hospital at 182 Nguyen Hoang, P. An Phu, District 2.
+ International standard hospital system of Palm City urban area, Nam Rach Chiec, District 2.
– Busy commercial center and retails:
+ Parkson Cantavil An Phu, CoopMart An Phu, Trade Center Takashimaya An Phu, VinCom Center Thao Dien … are all connected to The Palace Residence apartments.

Takashimaya Shopping Center, commercial facilities outside The Palace Residence

2) Inside Utilities of The Palace Residence Novaland project

Understanding the needs of our customers, Novaland not only brings products that have the function of a kind project but also satisfy customers because of the combination of architecture and beautiful landscape. Comfortable living space which is close to nature, all blend together, creating a living environment “green – clean – beautiful”.


The Palace Novaland District 2 with a scale of up to 2.45ha, brings many 5-star facilities. According to the original information, The Palace Residence project will have a total of 34 high-class internal utilities to create a comfortable, safe and private life.

At The Palace Residence, residents will enjoy the green space with the density of trees arranged logically and freshly. The green space designed up to 59.6% has created a wonderful blend of people and nature here. For the majority of customers, this place deserves an optimal choice to live and work.
Overflow pool with an area of ​​750 m2, designed in the way of 5-star resort hotels and resorts. Next to the green campus around the pool is also subtle tectonic. Mixing in clean, relaxing water will help create life experiences that are extremely interesting and beautiful than ever. “Living in a great setting, taking care of yourself and being satisfied with high-class comfort is the dream of those who aim for class value.”
Tennis practice area, badminton will surely satisfy your favorite residents in sports and sports.
The system of commercial centers is full of commercial types of high-class trade from famous brands in the world. Residents can comfortably shop and entertain here.
Gym area with all kinds of modern equipment. Parallel that is the Spa area with experienced staff.
After a busy working day, attendees at The Palace Residence apartment complex can enjoy themselves at the meditation garden, enjoy books in the library area, or take a walk on the sidewalk inside the project. .
A special highlight, the central air conditioner lake of the apartment project is designed between the towers. Air purification and air conditioning for The Palace Residence project.
– Security system is always focused on the project design by investors: modern CCTV system, 24/7 security system, fire alarm system, etc. All will be guaranteed Absolute safety for the lives of residents.
In addition, there are other utilities such as Cafe Bar, BBQ barbecue area, restaurant, residential area, convenience store, children’s play area …


1) The overall plan of The Palace Residence Novaland project

* The Palace Residence apartment complex is 2.45 HA, divided into 8 blocks with more than 2000 apartments. The project has 2 main subdivisions:
– Division 1:
+ Includes 6 Block (A, B, C, D, E, F).
+ Height of 35 storeys and 2 basements through buildings.
+ Total number of apartments is 1820 units.
– Division 2:
+ Including 2 blocks of office area.
mat-bang -tong-the-khu-can-ho-the-palace-residence

2) Typical floor plan of The Palace Residence – Novaland project.

Palace Residence project area of ​​District 2 is designed with modern style of Europe to bring luxury but subtlety with a focus on natural green as the main space.


3) The typical apartment of The Palace Residence Novaland.

The Palace Residence’s design has been fully utilized, helping to make the most of each square of the apartment area. The Palace area of ​​The Palace project is designed flexibly with many different sizes, helping residents choose the best apartments for their purpose.
+ Area of ​​base 1 bR : 57 m2
+ Area of ​​2 BRs apartments: 73 m2, 80 m2
+ Area of ​​3 BRS apartments from: 108 m2, 113 m2
+ Apartment density on 1 floor: 8 units / floor.

Nhà mẫu The Palace Residence


View hướng bắc The Palace Residence
View hướng nam The Palace Residence
View hướng đông The Palace Residence
View hướng tây The Palace Residence


At The Palace Residence complex. In addition to this type of apartment, there are also types.
  • Shophouse
  • Retails
  • Office
There is no information on selling from the owner, please contact us via HOTLINE or leave the information at the end of the article for advice.

Trần Hùng - 陳雄
Novaland - Real Estate Consultant


The Palace Residence apartment price list

chương trình bán hàng và ưu đãi đợt 1 TThe Palace Residence
chương trình bán hàng và ưu đãi đợt 1 TThe Palace Residence trang 2
The Palace Residence 1st sale program is extremely preferential with:
  1. Get a free voucher at 02 nights at Annatara Mui Ne or Azerai Can Tho.
  2. 1% discount for the project launch date.
  3. Payment of 1% per month until 1.5 years later.
  4. Discount up to 17% for fast payment.


* Novaland – a long-standing prestigious brand
Be trusted by customers through a series of projects that have been handed over such as: Sunrise City, River Gate Ben Van Don, The Sun Avenue, The Prince … investors Novaland are highly appreciated by experts. prestige and quality of projects. Along with the experience of deploying and developing big projects. Novaland will continue to launch The Palace Residence with the most advanced construction technologies to ensure the design of sophisticated, airy, reasonable and safe apartments.
What Novaland brings in every work is a symbol of creativity, aesthetics, design always ensures safety and convenience with a very affordable price. Accompanying with the utility system of the project that Novaland Group is the investor is full such as: commercial area, GYM gymnasium, relaxed cafe, spa, restaurant … Show that the living space in Novaland always International standard and easy to complete the most difficult guests.
In the near future, Novaland will continue to search and M&A units that have projects in good, favorable and legal locations to complete, as well as select investment in resort real estate in the provinces. advantage of tourism or special economic zones. Nha Trang – Cam Ranh, Da Nang – Hoi An, Da Lat, Binh Thuan – Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc, Can Tho, Ba Ria – Vung Tau … are open market colors that the group is aiming for.
* The location is “very favorable” right in the center.

The development strategy of Novaland Group is always built into each complex, customers often call: “Nova house” in each area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat airport area, Nguyen area). Huu Tho in District 7, Ben Van Don area in District 4, Mai Chi Tho area is located in District 2). And The Palace Residence is also in that strategy with its position right in the center of District 2, with two sides facing Mai Chi Tho and Xa Lo Hanoi.

At the same time, The Palace Residence District 2 is located in the area with high urbanization speed (An Phu – An Khanh), which is very planned right from the beginning, adjacent to The new CBD Thu Thiem, the cluster Nam Rach Chiec urban area – SaiGon Sports City – Rach Chiec golf course. Probably the residents here will be able to use the best Vietnamese facilities. Moreover, this will be a top key to help real estate in this region have a jump in prices.
* Experience life with advanced facilities
The Palace Residence project is well-invested, well-equipped with infrastructure, 5-star facilities, the most dedicated customer care service, the space is focused on relaxation and health training. Extremely interesting.
* Designed according to standards
The Palace Residence apartment design is quite square, reasonable space layout should maximize the use area with only 8 high standard apartments / floors. The design focuses on ventilation, all rooms from the living room, the kitchen to the bedroom are spaciously decorated and most meticulously designed.
All high-class apartments at The Palace Residence are a combination of exquisite beauty of interior amenities and value of western architecture with gentle colors, blending with nature to help create The most luxurious luxury in the city center.