Aqua City Dong Nai project is developed by Novaland Group, with scale up to 1800 HECTA is located in the extremely important economic development area of ​​the South of Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Ba Ria – Vung Tau, there are key transportation systems of the country passing through. Aqua City Novaland has a gentle Dong Nai river that creates a green and fresh space for the whole project. Aqua Villas products shophouse, villas, townhouses put on a modern design, view of the lake is a lush green landscape worthy of a rare and luxurious resort and residential real estate project in Dong Nai market.



According to real estate experts, it is rare for any project to surpass the Dong Nai Aqua City Novaland in terms of size and potential, not to mention the benefits of internal facilities in the Greater Urban Area. strong position to attract residents to settle and live.

So early investment in Dong Nai Aqua City Novaland project, customers only spend 750 million VND to own a house toward the river, then pay according to the progress of 1% / batch in 3-5 years, safe and comfortable. Settlement, investment or business, all are convenient.



Project of Novaland Group in Dong Nai Province is located on Highway 51, Ring Road, Bien Hoa – Vung Tau Expressway, Long Hung Commune, TP. Bien Hoa, Dong Nai right at the east end of the city. HCM City with Southern provinces.

The terrain is 22km long along Dong Nai river, directly linked to District 9, Aqua City Novaland project of Long Hung, Long Thanh, Dong Nai, promises to become Vincity direct confrontation project in District 9.
Talking about the location of Aqua City Novaland, the project fully possesses 3 elements of prosperity: “The most nearsighted, Nhi near giang, Tam near the highway”; At the same time, the project also possesses an extremely favorable position and feng shui, with Dong Nai River covering and moving easily by a series of roads full of points of the region.
To be able to complete the Aqua City Novaland Urban Area, the developer will be responsible for directly constructing 2 arterial bridges. As follows:
– A large bridge crosses the Ring Road 3 and Nam Cao Street, to connect the project to District 9, HCMC.
– A small bridge connecting Huong Lo 2 and a road leading to Long Thanh – Dau Giay Highway. Expected when in operation, this small bridge will help all residents move to Long Thanh Airport more convenient, only takes 5-10 minutes.

Links extremely convenient area of ​​Aqua City Dong Nai

Aqua City Dong Nai is a project opposite Vinhome District 9 project, connected by a green river bank.
– The project is located on the arterial, synchronous and advanced roads which have just been formed in recent years, including:
+ Long Thanh – Dau Giay Highway – TP. Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa – Phan Thiet Expressway, Bien Hoa – Vung Tau Expressway, Long Thanh – Ben Luc Expressway, Bien Hoa – Da Lat Expressway, Bac Son – Long Thanh Expressway and My Phuoc Expressway – Tan Van …
+ Ring Road 4 (connecting Long An – Binh Duong – Dong Nai – Vung Tau provinces).
+ Metro Ben Thanh – Bien Hoa railway (only 1.5 km from the project).
+ Highway 1A and Highway 51 …
– From the Aqua City project, customers easily move into large city centers with a variety of valuable entertainment spots. Specifically:
+ Only 15 km from Aqua City Dong Nai project to go to TP. HCM.
+ Connect to the center of the city. Bien Hoa, Dong Nai 6km.
+ Vung Tau fork takes only 2km by car
+ 5 minutes to Bien Hoa Industrial Park.
+ 10 minutes to go to District 9 High-Tech Park.
+ For 10 km, easy to move quickly to Long Thanh International Airport.


Not merely an urban area with concrete blocks, Novaland’s Aqua City project in Long Hung, Long Thanh, Dong Nai attracts middle and upper classes by a complex of facilities to fully serve all needs for living

In terms of utility factor, this is considered as one of the advantages of the project, closing goisp the potential increase in real estate value thanks to the experience of high-class life. Some important internal items can be mentioned, including:
– Crowded trade center: bringing together the famous brands of fashion, entertainment and culinary stalls.
– Internal education zone: Fully from primary, secondary, high school … to bring learning conditions for children.
– The riverbank park stretches for tens of kilometers: a place to create flora and fauna ecosystems for the whole project, helping to balance the temperature, creating cool scenes and fresh air. In the park will be built some other small utilities such as jogging track, botanical flower garden, tennis court …
– 5-star riverside marina: Luxury and class, accompanied by luxurious and romantic parties by the river.

Outdoor facilities such as children’s play area, outdoor training ground, mini supermarket, multi-layer security system, indoor sports area, fire protection … are also fully equipped in the Aqua City Novaland urban area.

Outside facilities of AQua City Novaland in Long Hung, Long Thanh, Dong Nai

– Tourist Area: Giang Dien Waterfall, Cu Lao Pho, Son Tien, Suoi Tien …
– Economy: High-tech Park District 9, Bien Hoa Industrial Zone, Ho Nai Industrial Park, Amata Industrial Park, Bac Son Industrial Park …
– Recreational and sports area: Big C and Long Thanh Golf …
– Education: System of schools at all levels from kindergarten to high school, National University Village, …
– Health: Shing Mark International Hospital.
– Traffic: Long Thanh Airport, New East Bus Station, …


The Aqua City Novaland project is planned and developed on a large scale, up to 1800 ha, in which the first phase of the project will be implemented by the investor about 300 ha with the product lines being invested by investors. look forward to a duplex Villa, a Single Villa, a Shophouse.
With the initial orientation that the project will be in the top cities in the economic focus on the southern region, Aqua City Novaland is currently interested by many partners and customers.
Inspired by the cultural identity of the river region of the Southern region, the project promises to bring local beauty, blending with the local architecture and a complete and comprehensive internal utility chain, providing Elegant and comfortable living space.
Currently, the progress of the project is in the process of completing major roads, with roads of width from 21m, 33m, 45m, 60m. In parallel, the construction unit is also planning to build more internal roads from 12m, 14m, 19m … to serve the movement of residents in the urban area.
In addition, the wastewater treatment system, the network of tap water, electrical systems and drainage systems in Aqua City Dong Nai are also made underground, achieving international standards of technical infrastructure. , quality of use and actual safety.

Units open for sale in Phase 1 Aqua City Dong Nai

– Type of adjacent townhouses: area from 8m x 20m, 10m x 20m. build 1 ground 2 floors and have a front road of 14m or 19m.
– Type of duplex villa: Area from 10m x 20m. build 1 ground 2 floors, rough surface and complete surface finish, the road surface is 14m.
Single detached villa: with an area of ​​12m x 20m: building 1 ground floor 2 floors, rough handover, 14m front road surface.


Information on selling from Novaland investor, the price for offering products of Aqua City project in 5/2019 update as follows:
– Townhouse adjoining townhouse 8m x 20m: Price from 5.8 billion / unit
– Adjacent townhouse townhouse 10m x 20m: Price from 5.95 billion / unit
– Semi-Detached Villas duplex villa 10m x 20m: Price from 6.8 billion / unit
– 12m x 20m single villas Single Villas: Price from 8.4 billion / unit.
The above price is very suitable for the project location and the utility landscape design that the investor brings. It is expected that Aqua City will be completed starting from 2019 to 2030.

* Preferential policies from Aqua City of Novaland Group:

– Discount 1% for customers with household registration or KT3 District 2, District 9, Dong Nai and Bien Hoa.
– The bank lends up to 80% of the product value, pays within 25 years.
– Other attractive and open sale promotion programs will be announced on the opening day.

* Payment policy:

The policy of payment within 3-5 consecutive years, each payment is only 1% of the total contract value, enabling customers, as well as investors to mobilize capital and reduce financial pressure. So guests can buy houses without problems with bank loans.
In accordance with this policy, only 750 million VND is needed, any customer can easily own a private home adjacent to the city area. HCM.




    – Novaland investor develops a prestigious project with long-term experience in the real estate industry, especially in the middle and high-end segments. Currently, Novaland is launching a series of key projects, suitable for many market segments. Long-term strategy, Novaland guarantees the development of Aqua City Long Hung Long Thanh in the future.
    – Urban area is planned with an area full of entertainment and utility types to serve residents’ life. Suitable for settling or investing in long-term profit.
    – Aqua City is located in the transportation network and trade connection in Bien Hoa, Vung Tau, Ho Chi Minh City. With a 20km long stretch of river bank, it is expected to be an easy-to-buy project that can be sold with high liquidity and profitability.
    – Aqua City Novaland ecological urban area is a project of urban area with green and fresh environment. Although creating a large project, a large urban project, but does not lose the ecological system inherent in this area.
    – Affordable and affordable payment policy, which helps many customers reach and choose to buy.