In the direction of moving to the Northeast, it is 14km from Phan Thiet City, Referring to Binh Thuan Province, Mui Ne is referred to as a poetic and beautiful marine eco-tourism destination. Mui Ne is blessed with a warm, monsoon tropical climate all year round, moreover the area is less affected by flood and storm.

Coming to Mui Ne, visitors are not only attracted by the wild, rustic nature but also attracted by the modern sports activities, which implicates humanity by the sincerity and easy access. of indigenous people. To serve and exploit the tourism and convalescence potential of many young people and the elite, there are many resort real estate projects that have been born quite a lot in this place. Understanding the potential and development opportunities of this “Thu Phu Resort”, in the last months of 2018, Novaland Real Estate Group has launched the top luxury resort in the area called NovaHills Resort. & Villas with scale up to 40 HA.

With vision, Villa Novahills will be a super project of international stature built in Mui Ne (Phan Thiet). It is expected that when put into operation, it promises to be an Intercontinental DaNang Sun Peninsula Resort (Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang) or will be the second Amanoi Resort (Vinh Hy, Ninh Thuan) in Vietnam.


* Highlights of the “One-on-One”

pool design 5-star facilities are a standard when guests own a villa in Novahill, but that will be a place that fulfills the purpose of thinking. Nursing and playing with the rich family.

Along with a combination of world-class utilities, Novahills also owns: Asian stature conference center, 3-storey swimming pool, Spa & health care service , Private beach area, Outdoor BBQ garden, Sea sports club and health care, International standard shopping and dining area, Observatory at altitude above 100m to delight in watching Mui Ne sand hill, wide green park designed according to Spanish style, Security security system 24/24, … The point creates a highlight for you customers That is the design of the “unique” swimming pool design exclusively reserved for painting of the direction of NovaHills Mui Ne.

NovaHills Mui Ne is located on the CAPITAL OF RESORT street

NovaHills Mui Ne Resort & Villas project NH4 owns 2 pools with a continuous length of 250m, curving like a lazy river stretching on the villas. On the long pool there are bridges for pedestrians, while the owner also arranges a row of thought seats, with rows of green trees shady. It is because of this innovative design that makes the project as a “magnet” attracting NovaHills investors in Mui Ne, because it will create a dictionary for the world to “check in”, accompanied by relaxation and roofing. mingle with nature.

* Rare position with the position “Headrest Direction”

NovaHills Mui Ne is located on the central position on the road named “captital of resort” with 2 big facades Huynh Thuc Khang – Vo Nguyen Giap, very convenient to go to tourist spots and scenic Phan Thiet. Moreover, in the pouring years, the special transport infrastructure is focused on developing, making real estate for resort in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet attract the strong attention of investors. sensitive “welcome” infrastructure.


NovaHills Mui Ne is located on the CAPITAL RESORT street

The overall market overview of the product range of NovaHills Mui Ne beach villas is very scarce, also because there are few hills in Vietnam. So since its launch, Mui Ne NovaHills project is being ordered and owned quickly and is highly appreciated by domestic and foreign investors with the needs of holiday and leisure tourism. Long-term investment.

With the height of 15m to 95m from the sea surface, the owners of Novahills can see the whole space of Phan Thiet beach and the immense pink sand hill.

* No The class resort is within reach

For those who are bored with the bustling and bustling town, still looking forward to having a wonderful resort. Catching that, the architects of the project always put harmony between nature and classical architecture but luxurious and attractive, with a mixture of blue and water in the cool of NovaHills Mui Ne.

Although bringing the appearance of natural green design and minimalist living space, the resort villa Novahills still ensures the whole project security by surveillance camera system and regular patrol 24/24. Really peaceful life for owners.


Hillside villa overlooking the sea in Spanish style at NovaHills Mui Ne

* High liquidity in the future

In particular, the resort real estate segment, especially the current and future coastal villas will bring a significant profit by 2 reasons:

First, this is the array Resort real estate for high-income people, affordability is always available. In the context of rising incomes and living standards, the demand for enjoyment is inevitable. The search for the sea to relax, travel is a “habit” is never old.

Second, not the sea, everywhere is beautiful. In Vietnam, there are only a few places that are blessed with this priceless property by nature. Danang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc and Phan Thiet are 4 of the few cities that have this rare thing.

Not only that, affordable re-selling price does not need to be spent in millions of dollars, so it can satisfy many customers. . Customers can resell or operate the rental with a return value of 10% per year.